Date City Venue
Dec. 14 Dallas, TX. Private
Dec 20 Plano, TX. Private
Dec 31 Chantilly, VA. APCA
Jan 12 Celina, TX Mirz Show
Jan 23 Stroudsburg, PA East Stroudsburg University
Jan 25 Indianola MS Baily Hall
Jan 26 Aptos, CA Twin Lakes
Jan 29 Rome, NY Mohawk Valley College
Jan 30 Pleasantville, NY College
Feb 8 Fort Myers, FL Mirz Show
Feb 10 Elmhurst, IL. Elmhurst College
Feb 13 Camp Lake, WI Refuel
Feb 14 Pulaski, MS M28 Conference
Feb 21-23 Glen Rose, TX. Camp
March 7 Lake Oswego, OR. Fundraiser
March 13-14 Tyler, TX Mirz Show
April 4-5 Omaha, NE Mirz Show
April 14 Denton, TX University Of North Texas
April 15 Lynnwood, WY Mirz Show
April 16 Albany, NY College of Saint Rose
July 22 Carrolton, OH CAMP
July 23 Dearborn, MI. Private