Who am I? Well…

My dad is from Iran and my mom is from Afghanistan but I’m made in America.

As a kid, I first found awe and wonder in a book of magic; I still have that book.

Awe and wonder have touched every part of my life. I’ve devoted my life to this.

Now, I use mystery in my show to share my journey of Love, Hope, Grace & Redemption.

I’d love to come and share my story with you through this touching performance.

"Zak is the right voice at the right time for this generation."

Jay Austin | Pastor, Hope Church Franklin

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Upcoming Events

Zak takes his audiences through a journey of Awe & Wonder, sharing why he became a magician.


Date City Venue
Aug 22 Plano, TX Hunters’ Glen Baptist Church
Sep. 9-11 Moline, IL New Fellowship Life
Sep. 16 Tucson, AZ Northminster Church AZ
Sep. 19 Sidney, NE The upper room
Sep 24 Myrtle Beach, SC Ground Zero
Sep 28-29 Queens, NY Main Street Baptist Church
Oct. 7 Choctaw, OK Choctaw Road Baptist Church
Oct. 19-20 Dallas, TX CIY TOUR
Oct. 27-28 Bluffton, OH Ebenezer Mennonite Church
Nov. 1 Hilliard, OH Upper Arlington Lutheran Church
Nov 2-3 Irvine, CA CIY TOUR
Nov 8-9 Portland, OR CIY TOUR
Jan 24 Augusta, KS Augusta’s 150th Anniversary Missions night
Jan 25-26 Tulsa, OK CIY TOUR
Jan 28-29 Richmond, KY FCA Richmond
Jan 30th Temple TX TBC Youth Outreach
Feb 1-2 Louisville, KY CIY TOUR
Feb 13 Decatur, AL D-Now
Feb 15-16 Cincinnati, OH CIY TOUR
Feb 22-23 Kissimmee, FL CIY TOUR
Mar 1-2 Springfield, IL. CIY TOUR
Mar 15-16 Atlanta, GA CIY TOUR

"Zak’s illusions captivated the audience & his story was very moving."

Mark Dean | District Youth Director